Dr. Mohsen Kianpoor

Life Coach - Psychiatrist

(Personal Growth Facilitator)

Life coaching is a powerful human relationship in which trained coaches assist people to design their future rather than get over their past. This relationship is typically long term, during which coaches aid clients in creating visions and goals for all aspects of their lives, as well as multiple strategies to support achieving those goals. Coaches recognize the brilliance of each client and his or her personal power to discover own solutions when provided support, accountability, and unconditional positive regard (Williams & Davis 2007).

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Leave the past in the past, get prepared for a promising future!

Pursuing happiness, and the exploration of meaning have always been essential in human life. In higher stages of development, needs such as self-actualization, fulfillment, personal meaning, and spiritual connection play more important role in determining the quality of this journey. Life coaching is a relatively new discipline for helping people cognitively and emotionally to achieve these evolutionary goals of life. It is a "multi-disciplinary", "multi-theory", and "whole-person, client centered approach" that borrows its principles and techniques from "positive psychology", "existential Philosophy" and "applied behavioral sciences" to elicit human development. Read more...

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You are the creator and the most expert person in your life. I am at your service to company you in the path to:
  • Keep up in living a fulfilling life at any age
  • Explore, develope and utilize your strength, skills and talents
  • Design your future
  • Keep your interpersonal relationships enjoyable
  • Deal effectively with stress
  • Changing specific behaviors (habits)
  • ...

Introduction Session

One 25-30 minutes introductory session

For Free

For mutual evaluation

Prior to any time or monetary commitment

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Individual Life Coach

Each session 45-50 min

$50 CAD / Session


$200 CAD / 5 Sessions


$350 CAD / 10 Sessions

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Group Life Coach

(Groups of 3 to 8)

Each session 90-120 min

$75-$120 CAD / Session
Depending on the number of
participants: 3 to 8

Discount will be applied for packages of 5 or 10 sessions

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About me

Back in my home country (Iran), I was an associate professor of psychiatry. I was graduated from "Shiraz University of Medical Sciences" in 1991, as a general practitioner, then I started residency of psychiatry. After immigration to Canada and being settled in Vancouver, I took a practical course in "Life Coach" at "Rhodes Wellness College". I found that practicing as a "Life Coach" is an excellent shortcut to be back to my favorite profession from a different and humanistic perspective. If interested, you can find more information in my linked CV .

Dr Mohsen Kianpoor

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